I’m not a Misogynist… I just want to breed uppity white women out of existence!

This blog is about skepticism, first and foremost. I enjoy writing posts about the strangeness of cult archaeologists, or the apologism of creationists because, while I hope by doing so others might learn something, it also amuses me.

But I am an academic; my work revolves around understanding men and masculinity in our society. I examine how men understand themselves and each other, and how certain forms of masculine behaviour harm not only women, GLB and transpersons, but also other men. I do what I can to shed light on the issues – the gender troubles – that face men. And Men’s Rights Activists?  YOU. ARE. NOT. HELPING. I’ll put it to you plainly; the bulk of your so-called ‘movement’ is not only misogynist but downright gynophobic. You claim you are for equality, but your ‘literature’ more often than not is chock-full of deep-seated hatred and fear of women. You mask it in hollow rhetoric, but even a cursory examination of the movement’s logic and motivations reveal not a righteous demand for equality, but a desperate attempt to return men to their once-hallowed place of absolute superiority over all other forms of life.  Need an example? Here’s a case in point:

So the misandry problem is problem of genetics and culture. We can see the genetic differences in the United States. Asian Women divorce their husbands at a much lower rate then the other racial groups. The exception in America is the American Black Women (But isn’t she exceptional, after all)? I mean native African Women have very little resemblance to American Black Women). Also notable is that among marriages between American White Men and American Black Women, the divorce rate is significantly lower than the average divorce rate.

My point is this: I maintain the best wife for a white man is someone darker skinned then he is. I maintain that the best culture for the white man and his wife is a man-friendly culture. For example, a white man and Mexican woman living in Mexico; a white man and Thai Woman living in Thailand; a white man and a Morracan Woman, living in Morraco; a white man and Turkish Woman, living in Turkey. This strategy neutralizes the light-skinned genes, and at the same time neutralizes the cultural influences…

… We as men can speed the extinction of Western White Women by encouraging them to pursue the single life or to pursue another woman as a spouse (lesbianism). We can do this actively and passively. Actively by outright encouragement, and passively by never giving a Western Woman access to our sperm, money, or time.

Let us examine all the ways in which this statement, taken from the comments section of an article on The Spearhead website (where it received more than a few upvotes by other members of the community). The article was discussing how Russian women, when they’ve been drinking, are furious bitches who will tear out a man’s beard if he has the nerve to turn down her advances – an event recorded in detail at: http://www.shitthatneverhappened.com/i_know_people_here_will_believe_my_lies/confirmation_bias.htm.  Let’s just ignore for the moment the horrific levels of racism and the breathtaking ignorance of the above post and focus instead on the almost unparalleled levels of rampant misogyny on display.

Our intrepid commenter, a concerned and dedicated cockdefender named ‘Walking in Hell’, figures that the biggest problem facing men today is that women in the west have been ruined by feminism and by their possible genetic predisposition to be man-hating bitches. His solution? Go to ‘man friendly’ cultures, like Thailand, Morocco, Mexico, and parts of Africa where men can find good, man-friendly (read: pliable, submissive, and controllable) women that he can live with and use to breed a new race of non-white, non-bitchy femdrones for his pleasure. The side effect of course, is that after all the ‘real men’ leave the West, all white women will have left for companionship are gays and other women. Within a few generations, white women will no longer exist, and all will be right in the world. Problem solved.

Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, and (all of, apparently) Africa. Man-friendly. What do these regions have in common, you ask?  A horrific track record when it comes to protecting women and including them in society. In other words, in order to get rid of ‘misandric’ women, ‘real men’ need to be explicitly, absolutely, eugenically misogynistic.  Classy. Real fucking classy.

I often hear the allegation from MRAs that sites like Radfem hub are evil because they all advocate for the destruction of men. I’m not sure that’s true; certainly a segment of the radfem population may indeed wish for this, but they really aren’t taken very seriously by anyone else in the broader feminist mosaic.  But if such people exist, and they are the reason that ‘feminism’ is evil, then guess what neckbeards: This is your movement’s equivalent.  That’s right!  If a tiny sliver of the population of Radfem hub is enough to poison all of feminism for you, then shitheels like this guy are reason enough for everyone else to dismiss the MRM.  Sound like good logic to you?  No? THEN STOP FUCKING USING THE SAME KINDS OF ARGUMENTS AGAINST FEMINISM! If you want to be taken seriously, then stop attacking straw-feminists.  If you won’t, then congratulations!  This clown is going to be the official spokesperson for all MRAs everywhere, in all times!

So in a nutshell, here’s my blog’s new rule:  Every single time that some MRA accuses ‘feminism’ as a whole of doing, saying, or believing something they despise, I will counter by using this guy’s quote as proof that each and every MRA who has ever existed believes exactly what this guy does.

Sound fair? Good!

13 responses to “I’m not a Misogynist… I just want to breed uppity white women out of existence!

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  2. “If a tiny sliver of the population of Radfem hub is enough to poison all of feminism for you, then shitheels like this guy are reason enough for everyone else to dismiss the MRM. Sound like good logic to you? No? THEN STOP FUCKING USING THE SAME KINDS OF ARGUMENTS AGAINST FEMINISM!”

    Ahh, this is spot on. Some MRAs seem to honestly think cherry-picking the least admirable aspects of feminism and turning themselves into a caricature of them is going to get their concerns taken seriously. If you do that, you’re basically an 8-year-old in the playground yelling “I know you are but what am I?”

  3. Concise and likely going to be ignored. The group of men that gravitate to MRA type ideology are pretty close to never going to be able to assign equal value to anyone else’s feelings. Hence, their feelings of betrayal are always going to be SO MUCH more important than the actual numbers and realities of what women encounter versus men in violence, abuse, discrimination, etc.

    To see the logic of what you said (and it is straight logic), they have to first recognize other people as human, rather than them vs. evil feminists/white knights/gynocentric goverment policy.

    Would be great, but not probable anytime soon.

  4. Point of order, it’s the Spearhead.

    Razz: It’s not likely to be ignored, at least not in terms of them making some response.

    What won’t happen is any critical thought about what was said here.

    One of the most interesting aspects of that comment is that he doesn’t think it’s genetic, not really. He thinks it’s because women in, “the anglosphere” have legal affirmation of human rights; elsewhere in that comment:

    In fact don’t bring any woman to the United States. Remember: even the healthiest fish becomes sick when the lake is poisoned. Some fish will become sicker than others depending on their genetic makeup. For example, that nice girl you brought over from Asia might not divorce you when she comes to the USA, but she is likely to become a much different (difficult and unpredictable) person.

    So it’s not “being western”, it’s, “being in The West”. So it’s not about women, qua women, it’s about keeping women, “in their place.”

  5. As a father of daughters, it concerns me greatly when buffoons write the things about women that this “gentleman” wrote. Please continue on the fight for equality, respect, and freedom for women everywhere, and ensure a better world for my daughters when they step out into the world on their own.

    • NAP your daughters are lucky young women since you seem to have their backs! Keep up the good work!

  6. GREAT article. Thanks for writing.

    Also: MRA’s don’t care for logic. Their hate is not based on reason, so reason is not their language

  7. I don’t want to breed any woman out of existence; as an informed black guy,I just want a baby by a white capable professional female. To want to breed any given race out of existence shows a racist mentality and I don’t have such fiber in my being.
    Though white women are everywhere I am and other parts of the world,I have had a hard time finding one willing and ready to breed with me.Married,single,lesbian, it does not matter to me.I will keep the hope alive by keeping on looking.

    • Uh, pro-tip: if you really want to find a person to have children with and spend your life with, referring to potential partners as being ‘willing and ready to breed‘ with you probably isn’t helping your case. They’re people; not livestock. Sheesh. Also, you might want to be a bit more discriminating in your searches, seeing as married women ought to be off-limits and a lesbian probably doesn’t want to ‘breed’ with a man. Just saying.

  8. Typical femi-fascist article.

    • Aw, thank you, I’m so happy that you approved! Please, if you have any other constructive or supportive comments to leave, by all means please do so!

  9. Femi-fascist? Yeah, what a mangina amirite?

    Sometimes I think that there isn’t much need to debunk the MRM, you guys do such a great job yourselves of ensuring nobody who’s passed mental adolescence will take you seriously.

  10. what a laughable joke this ‘forum” is. utterly.

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