Animal Planet and Mermaids

Alright.  Here’s the video. Yes, I realize that the subtitles are in Japanese (I think), but that’s because this documentary, called “Mermaid: The Body Found” never aired in North America (although according to Wikipedia, it’s going to). The video is about an hour and a half long. You don’t need to watch the whole thing to get the gist of it, but watching it all is fun – if frustrating. EDIT: Well, it was bound to happen – Discovery Communications has ordered the video to be pulled from youtube.  Sorry guys, you can’t see it here any longer. Here’s a link to Discovery’s press page with their own ridiculous write-up about their ‘tantalizing’ new fake-u-mentary.

Yep. Mermaids.  Animal Planet did a ‘documentary’ on mermaids.  The whole thing is riddled with baseless speculation and (admittedly great) CG scenes of ‘mermaids’ going about their day-to-day lives.  In many respects, this video is similar to an earlier ‘documentary’ also made by animal planet called ‘Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real‘ which asked the question “If dragons had actually existed, how would they have evolved?”  While the acting was crap, the CG was good and the story was fun and intriguing.  It was also stated explicitly at the beginning and end of the movie that it was a work of fiction.  “Mermaids” was less explicitly advertised as such – and in some places blurred the line between scientific fact and fanciful imagining.  At times I couldn’t tell if the show was trying to be serious or not.  And that confusion was the cause of my frustration.

I actually have nothing against these sorts of ‘documentaries’.  They allow people to engage their imaginations and they introduce new audiences to the mythologies and fables of our many civilizations.  I wish people would do more of them and include mythological creatures from a wide array of cultures.

I only really have a problem when this sort of speculative fiction is dressed up as something more serious (and real), as in the case of History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” or pretty much anything History does that discusses Atlantis.  Yes, these things are fascinating and thrilling to think about – ancient civilizations and otherworldly visitors – but if we have no evidence of their existence, then why try to pretend that we do?  If National Geographic wants to do a documentary about searching for Atlantis, or if Animal Planet wants to talk about mermaids then fine, but don’t insult the viewer by insinuating that anyone other than fringe writers actually take this stuff seriously.

PS: In “Mermaids”, the writers suggest that the infamous ‘Bloop’ recording is thought to come from an animal of some kind.  That doesn’t seem to be the case.


I feel that I need to add a fairly large chunk of text to this initial post.  One of the things that troubles me the most about this ‘documentary’ is that at its core, it seems to be endorsing the long-debunked ‘aquatic ape’ theory of human origins.

The aquatic ape hypothesis has been around for a while.  Put simply, the hypothesis holds that rather than evolving on the plains and savannas of Africa, humans instead evolved along the coasts, where they adapted to a life at least partly spent in the water.  According to the hypothesis, humans evolved hairless bodies – a unique trait among primates – so that they became more efficient at swimming.  Humans evolved the ability to hold their breath for long periods so that they could dive deep into the water to hunt fish, and our brains evolved from eating shellfish and other marine life.

All of that sounds plausible, except that there really isn’t any data to support it. We evolved hairlessness to better regulate and dissipate heat while exerting ourselves (although it is more factual to say that we are still covered with hair, it’s just that most of it is exceptionally fine and probably vestigial).* Our brains evolved alongside our inclusion of meat into our diets, and was accelerated with the discovery of cooking.

It’s worth noting that the “Doctor” who claimed that the ‘Bloop’ was a language in the film doesn’t seem to exist, and the man identified as Dr. Paul Robertson is actually an actor.  When I dug around online, I found a couple of websites related to this topic that had large Homeland Security and Department of Justice seals on them and notices of seizure printed beneath them.  After looking up the relevant statutes, it appears that the sites were shut down because they are under investigation for conspiring to defraud the United States of America, as well as for making fraudulent claims about the United States of America.  EDIT: As a helpful commenter noted below, the websites in question are actually owned by Discovery Communications LLC, the parent company of Animal Planet. So bullshit fake DHS shutdowns designed to give the impression of a cover-up as part of a viral marketing strategy for the movie. Classy.

As I said in my OP (original post for you old-timers and internet newbies), I don’t really have a problem with these sorts of faux documentaries, provided that they are up front about what they’re doing.  I do have a problem with them when they present their case, then try to cover their butts at the end by saying (as this documentary does) “Hey, some of this documentary is fictional, but the navy is totally behind whale beachings!  Also, the ‘Bloop’ is real (but we made up the whole “it’s a language” thing).  Oh, and the people we showed in the film?  Yeah, they’re not affiliated with it in any way, nor did they give their permission to be depicted in it, and also we used actors and made up a script for them to say.”

It’s no wonder this show never aired in the United States. (Edit: It has now)  If someone informed me that some random show used my name and made me look like an absolute crank, I’d be suing the hell out of anyone attached to the project.

*Saladin, Kenneth S. “Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function 6th Edition”, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 2012, Pg. 192

[Edit 08/12/12 @ 10:31 PST]  Well, looks like the mystery of the Bloop has been solved. It’s not a giant squid, or a Kraken, or some secret illuminati/alien base of operations; it’s an Ice quake. Good times.

46 responses to “Animal Planet and Mermaids

  1. Interesting and entertaining. However, the tendency for those being interviewed to make assertions (ex: “… so what you see here is language. They are talking to each other”) without any sort of explanation for why I should believe them. I understand that most viewers, including myself, are not professionals in any of the fields of study discussed throughout the show, but come on… either give it to me in layman’s terms, give some sort of information that I can then look to verify, or abstain from making truth claims only to push the “documentary” forward.

    • This is one of my biggest problems with this sort of video as well. On what basis is anyone asserting “well, these sounds are clearly language of some sort, because I’ve heard languages in my time and this sounds a lot like them”?

      Like I said, if Animal Planet or History Channel wants to make these sorts of shows, then fine, go for it. But for Vecna’s sake label them as fiction/fantasy/sci-fi or whatever; don’t pretend like they’re real history or real science.

    • This is not a documentary. It’s a mockumentary. Maybe this small difference can put everyone’s frustration to rest? Just a thought….

      • I’m pretty sure I mentioned that fact more than once throughout the post. In fact, I’m sure I did more than ‘mention’ it; I stated that explicitly. As you can see, if you have read the comments section however, that fact doesn’t seem to dissuade some people from choosing to believe it, nor does its ‘mockumentary’ status erase the film’s assertions that parts of the film are based on science – although it doesn’t bother to point out which parts of the film are so.

        So while your suggestion may be valid, it’s also not related to the primary point of the post.

    • To be fair those are the ppl who played them in the dramatic reenactment in the show, not the ppl they interviewed themselves.

  2. Benjamin Griffin

    this documentary was not that bad, but i did not like that they siad the bloop was a language. i saw the bloop(s) as a form of communication between two or more of what ever the creature was. in the second one when the creature was communicating with dolphins, its safe to say that the two species know each other and apparently “get along.” its also ‘posible’ that this creature is a more evolved dolphin that developed an intelligent form of echolocation that serves as an advanced form of communication that both them and dolphins can easily understand… but who knows what it really is it could be nothing, or it could be something that has yet to be discovered.

    lets also say that somehow this is a so called “mermaid” actually existed, wouldn’t it be true that they would travel in groups of their own… and not with whales/ dolphins. wouldn’t it also be true that a body of at least one would have been found somewhere where their shared “breeding grounds” are such as the gulf of mexico and where ever else the whale go to have babies are. and unlike the documentary, wouldn’t they share a similar skin tone with that of a whale/dolphin. i saw multiple times in the video where the “mermaid” had green skin, then suddenly blue… and that was really confusing.

    another thing i dont get is why they dont take the recording to where ever it was recorded and play it in the ocean to see what whale dolphin or whatever responds to it. science is so confusing to me sometime… i may as well take the recording of the internet myself, buy one of those marine mic things and play it as loud as posible, and see what happens myself. i wouldn’t care if i ended up dying because of it… but at least i would have accomplished something unlike all these other marine biologists who have studied the sound.

    • As I pointed out at the bottom of my blog, there is no evidence that the ‘Bloop’ was anything other than a weird underwater acoustic phenomenon, and there is absolutely zero evidence at all that it was made by biological organism. That this ‘documentary’ began with the assertion that the ‘Bloop’ could have been biological in origin is just plain wrong.

      As to your final question about why the filmmakers didn’t simply take this recording and play it back in the water, I think that it’s probably because they knew that doing so would be pointless. My hunch is that they know as well as the rest of the scientific community that the chances of the ‘Bloop’ having been made by some kind of highly intelligent underwater creatures or their civilization is exceptionally remote, to the point of being almost nil. That’s why this film wasn’t a documentary at all. It was a piece of speculative (science)fiction masquerading as legitimate science.

      • The one documentary I watched, they took the bloop recording and played it loud to the ocean during the “follow mermaids migration path” boat scene near the end. Also somewhere after the credits they mentioned the people on this video are not real ones but actors and are fictional characters.

  3. I really enjoined this documentary I do feel the aquatic testings need to stop and the government spends so much time focusing on the outer space vs the deep blue seas they’re is so much to learn about the different species in the oceans as well as I do believe that a lot of our everyday weathers and storms and environmental changes the animals on land and sea do know before earth quakes/ and storms occur. I really wish we would take more time to learn about what’s in our sea. I also question why if these documents are partly true why is the government hiding these mermaids or type of fish??

  4. Mermaids are real and I’m glad that someone finally had the guts to out the government! Go AP!!! I wonder how long it will be before we become friends with the mermaids…? And inter-species marriage!!! We should write legislation on that now before the evil republicans ban that too! exciting times animal lovers….

  5. Wow! Atleast the documentary talked some facts, that we both can’t argue. Stupid is, stupid does”. How many times has the government tried, Sorry…no, actually LIED about something. Remember, Area 51. Not till 2003, they revealed there’s actually an Area 51. People, atleast have an open mind. Everybody has their own opinion…different opinions, etc. If any tv network decides to hire actors to do a documentary, it’s because there’s something more. We could argue back and forth on why but like you’ll said, ”why say certain things if there’s no proof”. Why state an individualistic opinion and write it like you’ll professionals of animal and human evolution. Let me guess, what you guys say, it’s on library books, written by profound and respected people. Hmmmm…question?, how many times did the first history or science book been re-written?. Hmmm…we don’t even know or see what’s in a blackhole in space. We don’t even know if there’s a multi-universe. Why make a big fuzz about mermaids in our own oceans. We can’t be so close minded and hardheaded now. Everything on Earth evolved. We got the proof called fossils. Fossils don’t lie or state opinions. Why is it hard to believe mermaids exist or that mermaids still live among us???……

    • What is this I don’t even…

    • Hey bb, there is no “proof” of complete evolution, but I just watched the documentary on mermaids and all the videos they show are completely animated, not the life of the mermaid stuff, we know that is animated, but the”real”video from the phones, you think two boys wouldn’t tell everyone in the world that a mermaid tried to grab him when he poked it with a stick?cmon they animated all that. All these scientists speculate things and theorize things and magically they turn to facts in text books.they’ve never seen a humpback whale actually mate? Really we need to explore our world more.and just some advice to anyone that comes across a sasquatch, dragon, mermaid or the like…I will kill the thing take pictures having everyone I know take pictures, video everything post it All over the internet before I tel the authorities”

      • DNA offers the proof of evolution. Now it’s up to you to consider it or not.

  6. I’m sitting in my house, square in Ohio, watching this show right now. 16th century italian drawings? Seriously? This isn’t even a good hoax. Give me something to dig my Internet snooping hands into. I keep expecting someone to bring up Hitler or the Aluminati.

  7. “Blair Witch Project” knock off masquerading as science. It was entertaining though. Much like the ridiculous “Ancient Aliens”. Incidentally, why do the people who profess this stuff always look so (not to be mean) weird. Odd haircuts, offbeat manner of dressing or talking. Makes them unbelievable.

  8. Websites with fake DHS/DOJ logos…All 3 of the websites that were ‘shut down’ i.e., etc. with the government shut down notices..are registered to the Discovery Channel ! Put the web address in and see for yourself. The US govt did not shut these down.

    These were set up to provide ‘proof’ of a cover up..but then why allow the AP to show the bogus film ??

    • The Rev. Frank Carson Knebel

      Plaudits on your debunking of the god-awful “Mermaid” program, in the otherwise usually informative Nature Channel. something even worse than the Ancient Astronaut garbage on The History Channel, which at least has the decency to present their sometimes interesting but out -of-context material as “according to Ancient Astronaut theorists”. Such programs, expanding what could have been a straightforward hour public awareness piece on real whale strandings into two hours of “docu-bilge” with no obvious disclalimers, only feeds public ignorance (especially here in Arizona) and does real science a great disservice. I think someone ought to sue the hell out of the station and parent company. .
      (The Rev.) Frank Carson Knebel , Episcopal priest, retired, Mesa, AZ


  9. Now, I don’t have TV and the full documentary is practically impossible to find at this time online. However, (from hear-say) those kids recorded this video on a camera phone 8 years ago. Where was the video taken? Because 1) This aired in other countries before the recent airing in the U.S. 2) The first camera phone capable of recording video became publicly available in 1999. The same type of phone did not become available in North America until 2002. What are the odds of those kids having a phone that could do that?

  10. They could have atleast done some research on their “Navy” installations. There is no Beaufort Navy base, it’s actually a Marine Corps Air Station. In addition, it’s not pronounced “beau-fort,” it is pronounced “bew-fert”. Just an observation…

    • There is a Navy Base it’s a Naval Hospital.

      • Axel Addis

        Naval Hospital for MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island, not really much of a base, at least when I was stationed in Beaufort. Maybe they had it in the basement, after all basements in Beaufort are called indoor swimming pools
        And since the guy called it Bo-fert, maybe he forgot which state he was in, cause Bo-fert is NC.

  11. Carrie Tamayo

    I loved the show. Part of me wants to belive it is real. They lost me with the cell phone video. Actors or not one thing I noticed is their speech seemed staggered. I kept saying they are lying. Proof is in the pudding and you can see through the Jello.

    • Oh I’m with you there; would it be awesome if mermaids were real? Hell yes! That would be monumentally badass. I just wish that shows like this would be more explicit when they are saying that what they are doing is a work of fiction. I hate it when movies like this take the frustrating route by saying ‘sure, parts of this movie are fictional, parts are based on truth, and there’s some actual science in there for good measure. But you have to figure out which is which.’ Just tell us it’s a work of fiction and be done with it; stop trying to be coy. It confuses some people and pisses off others.

  12. *Sigh* First Finding Bigfoot then this! Truly animal planet has gone downhill! I mean stupid reasons of evolution and all that COME ON! It’s really not nice lying to people about mythical sea creatures and such. With acting, viral videos and other terrible “evidence” this new show does not make me like animal planet at all (Besides Whale Wars nothing good anymore) Maybe other people enjoyed this but I didn’t! By the way even I’ll admit some of those animations were pretty scary (My poor 8 year old cousin has some nasty words for animal planet) Animal Planet used to be a good clean family channel but now it makes you think twice before watching. P.S. If you want something good to watch how about the Hatfield’s and Mcoy’s special on history last night! Personally I can’t wait for part 2!

  13. Definitely a mocumentary. Those foolish enough to blow off the disclaimer prove how gullible some folks are.

  14. I am absolutely shocked at the fact that all the comments made that I have read so far are so eager to believe the naysayers!! Let’s talk about facts…. one is the recording of the bloop. That is real.. what ever it is it is real.. That is a creature unknown to science that uses echolocation that in and of itself is significant.. And for anybody to downplay that has their head in their ass! But let’s forget about that for a second! Let’s talk about the Navy using a secret ultrasonic acoustical weapon that uses infrasound for whatever reason we don’t know! The whale beaching that happened all over the world were real! Did the animal planet channel fake that also! The retards of this country and of the world need to look at the bigger picture! This weapon exists there is evidence to show it.. and all the turmoil that has come from this documentary has been stirred up by the United States government to hide what they’re doing! Here’s something for you retards to think about! Those whales along with all the other animals that washed up on shore.. seals, turtles. And other air breathing creatures! They died that’s a fact! Now think about what else died that didn’t float to the surface and wash up on shore because it doesn’t breathe air! And for those of you who don’t understand what I’m saying! Any animal that breaths air has a really good chance to float to the surface of a body of water when it dies! Animals that breath oxygen from water are going to sink.. so you would not see them.. but here’s the point that I’m trying to make! And this affects every living creature on this planet! Since the Navy is shooting off a secret weapon in the ocean and killing all these animals! What is it going to do to the food chain! You do not have to kill all the creatures with this weapon you only have to kill enough to breakdown the food chain! And if that happens in the ocean. It’s only a matter of time before it works its way onto land. And that is going to have major ramifications for the future. So I can understand why there are a lot of scientists out there who get their money from the government are going to try and discredit the show. That way they can discredit everything. By having some academia right and article disclaiming the science. Yeah yeah I know… some of the show was made based on speculation. But the speculation was based on the science found. That can’t be denied! The recording’s are hard evidence. The tissue damage to the animals found on the beach is hard evidence! Did they make that up also. Talk about being gullible.

  15. Kate Chopin

    So Todd…in all that I can’t decipher whether or not you believe in mermaids.

  16. Hi everyone! I’m from Argentina and I’ve just seen “Mermaid” on Animal Planet (in Spanish, of course). I absolutely agree with you in your criticism of this deceitful and ridiculous “documentary”, but let me just add another point.
    Have you noticed how they describe the creature’s anatomy using phrases such as “this organ was designed for xxx…”, as if there had been a purpose behind the origin of such morphological traits?
    If they wanted to make it more “sciency”, they should have at least been more careful with that! No scientist “born and raised” in the paradigm of evolution by natural selection could possibly say that!

  17. Hello, my name is Roberto and I’m from Brazil, just loved your post. Is this really what I think about the subject of the documentary, here in Brazil We have a culture of massive serious, since the days of Portuguese discovery, until today, people actually believe them, offer gifts, like the spiritual entities protect sea fishermen, a very common thing in the religious culture of Brazil. This documentary has generated great shock to everyone here, because the people began to believe that their spiritual entities could be physical. I believe that this kind of documentary is great to awaken people’s imaginations and make them be more interested in mythology, but I think this matter should be treated with more respect and seriousness about the audience. In Brazil mermaids are a symbol of our culture, and it was obvious that any documentary that treats about them, especially one who claims that they physically exist, would bring great commotion.

  18. Andrew The Greek

    I recently heard about this so called documentary for the first time a few days ago and decided to watch it this evening because I have always respected Discovery Channel due to their commitment to science, ethics, and objectivity. As a viewer of their programming for over 20 years, I am disgusted, angry, and saddened at how such a great network would be a part of, and actively participate in such a farce. They even went so far as to add a tiny disclaimer at the very end of the credits which flashed so quickly, i was only able to read about 5 words. I then attempted to rewind the show via my DVR, and found that they had conveniently placed the disclaimer perfectly so the DVR’s On-Screen-Display would block it from view. They should be ashamed of themselves at not only deceiving the audience, but for the programs constant slandering of the good men and women serving in the US Military. Its a fact that the US Navy did in fact test a new type of sonar a few years back, but it’s also a fact that testing was only conducted off San Diego, CA in “blue water” where marine mammals rarely frequent, testing was very limited to lessen risk to said mammals, and most of all… never was associated in any way with with Whale beaching events except by liars who somehow think a sonar pulse off San Diego could somehow cause world-wide whale beaching events. Only idiots believe that kind of crap.
    Lastly, I’d like to comment on the programs complete lack of evidence of any kind. You’d think that any officials working for NOAA who are investigating a whale beaching would show up at the scene with perhaps a camera or video recorder to document things. In fact, there was not a single piece of evidence presented in this POS that was based on fact. And before anyone jumps up to defend the photographs… LoL…. i’ve seen better photoshop jobs picturing Obama standing on the surface of Mars.
    It seems to me that the people behind this work of fiction were operating on the assumption that “the masses are stupid” and we can be manipulated into believing a lie whose sole purpose is to energize the far left environmental groups with our time and money. Don’t get me wrong, there are many leftie environmental causes which have merit, but by actively deceiving viewers who typically would agree with their viewpoints they damage their cause and result in more and more people thinking that perhaps they were lied to all along. This exact same thing happened to the Global Warming movement when many top Climate Change scientists got caught actively altering scientific data and results to perpetuate a lie that man-made global warming is a fact, which of course it isn’t. Just like the morons who thought it was a good idea to deceive viewers with this show on Mermaids in order to make money off useful-idiots who believe this crap, were no different than the dozens of scientists who collaborated and lied to the world about global warming in order to get massive grants and an odd form of revered fame very common to these fraudulent special interests.
    And just for this lie… next time I visit Japan, I will definitely go out of my way to eat whale and dolphin. So I hope Discovery knows that whales and dolphin will indeed die as a direct result of the foolish and unethical means used in order to deceive their viewers.

    -Andrew the Greek

  19. People that are skeptical are people that are afraid to accept something unexplained that can be explained.

    • “Something unexplained that can be explained”? If it can be explained, then how the heck is it unexplained?

      So where’s your explanation (and evidence) for mermaids, then?

    • The unexplainable can’t be explained. If it could, it wouldn’t be unexplainable.

  20. Theres still the problem of whales beaching if you think the mermaid agenda is fake.Also the spears or homemade harpoons found in whales,sharks the last few hundred years.So theres a little smoke with bodies awash.I bet the Navy has the fire responsible for these events !

  21. Speaking as a professional diver and underwater naturalist, I can say with some authority that we have only identified a fraction of the marine life our planet has. That said, the chances of mermaid resistance is slim to nil. Pushing heavily in the direction of nil.

    Given their relatively recent evolution in mythology from deities and one-off creatures/transformations to a full blown species and civilization via erroneous conflation of and with other underwater mythological groups/creatures/legends, Dungeons & Dragons, and a metric tonne of modern fantasy writing; it’s surprising that people buy so heavily into it. Well, not really. People are pretty gullible.

    IF there were a ‘mermaid’ species, it would most likely be some sort of highly evolved pinniped or manatee type animal; as fish aren’t particularly anthropomorphic, and the humanoid form is poorly suited to marine existence. In addition, the amount of protein they’d need to survive would have put them in conflict with humanity ages ago.

    So… yeah. No mermaids. Otherwise I’d need a bigger diving knife.

  22. Somebody just talked to me about this documentary today, and she was pretty sold on the idea that mermaids exist. I haven’t seen the tv show myself since I don’t have cable, but I am disturbed such a show which masquerades fiction as facts exists. I am equally disturbed by the people who believe this is real, clearly our children ain’t learning any critical thinking in school.

    First of all, evolution doesn’t work fast enough to transform a land-dwelling mammal into a fully aquatic animal (from what the person told me of the show, the mermaids don’t breathe air). Seals started to adapt to an aquatic life about 23 million years ago, whales did the same 54 million years ago, and penguins 70 million years ago.
    Now compare those timelines with human evolution: the first hominid, that is the creature that gave rise to gorillas, chimps and humans lived 7 million years ago. It should be obvious that apes wouldn’t have enough time to evolve into a mermaid. Not to mention that no aquatic mammals, birds and reptiles have ever evolved the ability to breathe underwater. If hominids evolved into mermaids, then the only plausible explanation for such a rapid transformation would be genetic engineering performed by some alien life form…did the documentary link mermaids with aliens? If they’re going spout bullshit they might as well go all the way.

    Lastly, what the hell do governments gain by covering up the existence of mermaids? Considering the amount of effort it takes to keep things hidden, I would think governments to be selective in what they cover up. If mermaids were indeed real, and have existed alongside us for centuries, then they’ve been pretty inconsequential to our everyday lives and therefore not worth covering up behind government conspiracy. The only reason I can think of why “they” wouldn’t want us to know about mermaids is that we’d find out our genes have been tempered by aliens and that the aliens will come back one day to finish what they started….or something like that. I think I’ve planted enough ideas for a future show titled
    ” The hidden history of mermaid and alien relations”. I think that would make a more compelling “documentary” anyway.

  23. saintlyangeline

    I was taught growing up there’s always some type of truth behind legends and myths, stories that have been added on to from word of mouth and so on. Just because there isn’t “scientific” proof of mermaids doesn’t exactly mean it doesn’t exists. Example species that we thought didnt exist or were extinct are suddenly alive. But than you also have to think back during ancient times drawings on walls, drawings on parchment, sculptures showing humans with tails Like fish. I THINK this show was created to make you think of the what ifs.

  24. It starts again! Thanks Discovery Channel!

  25. What I find dangerous is that AP and DC are channels that you just flip to and often don’t watch the whole show. People are just seeing snippets of this and accepting it as fact.

  26. You can just download the stupid program on torrents. It is 100% fake as is the ‘seized domain’ Dr Robertson is an actor (Andre Weideman) and all the other ‘scientists’ are actors as well. They are selling commercials,. They are not in the business of telling the truth. I will never watch Animal Planet again. What tools.

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